Dennis Ho

Dennis Ho is a painter who have spent many years observing and documenting classical arts & culture in the rich and exotic Far East. His passion for anatomy, beauty and fascination for all things cultural naturally led him to indulge his time into painting his favourite subject, Culture & Classical Performance Art. Over the last three decades Dennis has travelled far and deep into mysterious Asia; exploring its many civilisations, soaking in the diverse cultures and textures of its varied societies, reaching out to the people and most importantly connecting with them. Dennis was born in Malaya and spent his childhood days in what was (then) a harmonious, delightful multiracial melting pot of people from different origins of the neighbouring countries. His ancestors were from China and Indonesia, and eventhough a third generation in his country of birth, he rather considers himself a citizen of Asia.

A self taught painter Dennis has been painting since the 1970s and even worked as an illustrator during his teens to supplement his income. He spent most of his working career at International Agencies starting in the Creative department. Being educated in Marketing, he later also managed marketing communications and branding at companies like Foote, Cone & Belding, Leo Burnett and J. Walter Thompson. Upon his term at Taiwan, Dennis disengaged himself from the corporate world and spent some 10 years working as a freelance marketing design consultant. Such independent arrangement has allowed Dennis to indulge himself in his travels of the East; to observe and document the richness of these ancient civilisations, its nature and cultures.

These days Dennis spends his time painting Culture & Classical Dances of Asia, with the objective of preserving these rich cultures, and sharing his observation with the world. In his website you will also observe his travel Gallery which features interesting places of Asia and some hardly visited by the average individual. Dennis contributes a large percentage of the sales from his paintings to Classical Dance and Cultural Foundations; as his way of helping to preserve the arts and culture of the region that he is painting.

'I am blessed to be surrounded by many ancient civilisations and richness of the East. As I indulge in these subjects of art, traditions, beauty, and diseminating my paintings amongst profound patrons & friends, I hope it could in some small way help to enhance and preserve these wonderful cultures.'

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What a man does for pay is of little significance.
What he is, as a sensitive instrument
responsive to the world's beauty,
... is everything
H.P. Lovecraft
Dennis & Mitha at Kelimutu Flores. Photographed by Jeff Tsai 2013
Ille Ape, Lembata. Photographed by Dennis Ho. 1999
the land, its people, the cultures and its beauty
... these are my inspiration
Photographed by Dennis Ho. 2011
Backstage Balerung Friday. Pastel on paper 2013
Bondomorotto, West Sumba. Photographed by Dennis Ho. 1995
Jepara Central Jawa. From Dennis Ho's travel journal 2004
Hamptha La, Manali (left) and Hemis Monastery, Ladakh (right). Photographed by Dennis Ho 2000
Pulau Maiga, Semporna. From Dennis Ho's travel journal 2012
Komodo, Flores Photographed by Jeff Tsai 2013
Dennis & Mitha at Kelimutu Flores. Photographed by Jeff Tsai 2013